Aludecor’s fire rated brand, Firewall is classified by Exova Warringtonfire in the UK

The importance of building materials being fire rated can't be overstated. Facade consultancies and architectural organizations of international repute clearly mandate that a building product has to have fire safety clearance from organizations of international repute.

Aludecor which lives up to international norms, has Firewall, its fire rated brand, which resists fire beyond 2 hours. Firewall has internationally revered clearance and classification as well, from Exova Warringtonfire in the UK.

Every Aludecor ACP can be fire rated, and can thus come under the Firewall brand. Firewall has Bs1d0 classification and ASTM E119-12 test clearance from Exova. This means that according to Exova, any of Aludecor's fire rated ACP will resist fire for at least 2 hours, prevent fire propagation, suppress smoke and produce zero flaming droplets or particles.

The core material used in Aludecor Firewall is Magnesium Hydroxide which comes with the following advantages:

  • Magnesium Hydroxide has a lower density than other materials and suppresses smoke
  • In comparison to Aluminium Tri Hydroxide which has an endothermic decomposition at 230°C, Magnesium Hydroxide starts decomposing at 330°C
  • The release of water vapour on decomposition of Magnesium Hydroxide dilutes the fuel supply in the gas phase
  • The high heat capacities of Magnesium Hydroxide and the material produced on decomposition reduce the thermal energy required to degrade the plastic.
  • The high filler content of Magnesium Hydroxide keeps plastic in solid phase
  • The decomposition product, Magnesium Oxide, increases insulation in LDPE and its initial decomposition temperature
  • Magnesium Hydroxide is a non-halogenated material and so there is no corrosiveness as in the case of halogenated fire retardant materials
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