"Aludecor ACP gives perfect finishing of Driver’s Cabin in Locomotive Engines": Mr. Mohan Sharma, Contractor

Mr. Mohan Sharma, the Proprietor of the contracting firm, Sree Balaji Metals has been entrusted with the job of decorating the driver’s cabin in 40 locomotive engines of Indian Railways in Kanpur, with Aludecor’s aluminium composite panel. ACP, according to Mr. Sharma, is giving a much better finish than the steel sheets which have been used so far for the purpose.

Mr. Sharma who has finished cladding the interior of the driver’s cabin in one of the locomotive engines with Aludecor ACP, said: "The workability or flexibility of ACP is much better than that of a steel sheet. So for an application like this, there is no better material than ACP to achieve the perfect finish".

Mr. Sharma who prefers Aludecor ACP over other ACPs, asserted: "Aludecor ACP is much more flexible, and can be easily routed, bent and folded, without being cracked".

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