Application Areas

From the eye-catching facades of swanky new malls to the modern look of today’s office interiors, Aludecor has a hand in almost all good things you see in contemporary architecture. Smart and durable exterior wall claddings, building facades materials, facial panels, ceilings, furniture, display units, lifts, escalators, stair sideways, signboards, column covers, canopy, room dividers wherever you turn to, you are likely to see our impressive handiwork. Our ACPs are finished by dedicated professionals and stand the test of time, perfectly. In countless homes and offices, Aludecor’s beautiful panels have replaced decorative laminates and veneer for cabinets, doors and particle boards for partition.

Our Aludecor panels are specially used for ventilated facades, curtain walling cassette panels, facias, roof edges, soffits, column covers, balcony cladding and infills, tunnel linings and for partitioning and other interior usages.

Aluminium Composite Panel Installation Rout and Return

Aluminium Composite Panel Installation

Exterior Application
Easy workability, superb flatness, lightweight and the widest colour options make Aludecor ACP a designers delight. The possibility of designs with Aludecor ACP is arguably the widest, and thus it meets the most contemporary and challenging demands of the architectural firmament today. Our product stands out as the best enabler in working out unique or one-of-its-kind facades, wall panels, canopies and signage. Moreover, Aludecor wall panels have always stood the test of time owing to their excellent UV, weather and corrosion resistance.
Interior Application
The widest range of shades coupled with its technical advantage make Aludecor ACP the perfect choice for a plethora of interior applications like interior wall panels, column covers, false ceilings, modular kitchen et al. Besides 35 odd metallic and exclusive shades, there are the Embossed Series and the Timber Series decors, which can facilitate the most innovative designs for interior applications. Aludecor wall panels are also manufactured with lead free paints, and produce zero fumes, thus being a perfect facilitator in negating indoor pollution.