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Modern architects and designers avoid going with the same creative patterns and concepts for a long period of time. They are constantly in search of customized...

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The timeless beauty of zinc as a cladding material has always fascinated the architectural firmament across the globe, driving it to give the world many amazing...

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More and more the special series cladding materials of Aludecor are being used in the residential sector, even in private residences. This can be attributed to the unique capability of...
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Aludecor is synonymous with constant innovation. It keeps on introducing ACPs with new finishes to cater to the constantly evolving architectural fraternity. With newly introduced shades for its.
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About 58% of facade failure is due to component failure. Components are the first line of defense for a facade being a water-tight structure. 
Each and every component..
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The verdict is out. And it’s loud and clear. The designer fraternity across India is giving full marks to Aludecor’s Timber and Sand series of cladding materials. 
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The aluminium alloys used in forming sandwich panels determines the correct usage of these wall panels as a building facade material. There are different grades of aluminium alloys recommended...
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Good design ensures that a building lasts over time. Design should be research based and guard against failures by eliminating latent defects that can make façades vulnerable to time and the...
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Formed in 2004 by Mr. Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, Aludecor is looked up to by the entire building fraternity with immense reverence. Aludecor, a name synonymous with leadership and innovation in the...
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Hybrid Sealants have started gaining more and more presence in the market nowadays as it can be formulated to provide best properties of two or more polymeric families being used and.