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Clean and Green India Captured Brilliantly in Children’s Paintings

A painting competition for the kids of the members of Aludecor Façade Designers’ Circle was held this year too, on the eve of the Children’s Day. The children were asked to send paintings on the theme, ‘Clean India Green India’, and yet again Aludecor FDC Team was flooded with brilliant entries. To pick 12 winners was tougher than ever, and what stood out was the fact that every child was a winner in his or her own right. However, to adhere to the format of the competition, 12 winners were picked from four different age groups:


Group 1 (0-5 Yrs):

Aludecor Launches its Design and Application Department

On the auspicious occasion of Dusshera on 11th October, Aludecor launched its Design and Application Department to serve its customers better. Stepping into the next level of service, Aludecor will, through this department, render design support to Designers, Fabricators, Builders and others. The purpose of this department is to enhance the overall quality of fabrication in India.

Industry experts laud the new Aludecor launch, Cortina, a 3D-finish ACP

As a part of its pre-launch market survey, Aludecor presented some real samples of Cortina – the ACP with 3D stripes – to some of the top architects and façade consultants in the country. The response was overwhelming and the industry biggies voted spontaneously in favour of this newest innovation. A whopping majority of 83% of survey participants had high opinions about Cortina. Creative arrangement of highlight, midtones and shadow add a new dimension of depth to the design of the product.

"Aludecor ACP gives perfect finishing of Driver’s Cabin in Locomotive Engines": Mr. Mohan Sharma, Contractor

Mr. Mohan Sharma, the Proprietor of the contracting firm, Sree Balaji Metals has been entrusted with the job of decorating the driver’s cabin in 40 locomotive engines of Indian Railways in Kanpur, with Aludecor’s aluminium composite panel. ACP, according to Mr. Sharma, is giving a much better finish than the steel sheets which have been used so far for the purpose.

Can ACPs Beat Conventional Materials When it Comes to Residential Applications?

What strikes your mind when you think of embellishing your home? Stonewood, paint, ceramic tiles or beautiful wallpapers perhaps. Well, these are obvious answers. Residential setups are overly reliant on such conventional materials. However, there are a lot of shortcomings. Interestingly, not many are willing to ponder on them.


The issues with timber and plywood:

Aludecor launches ACP Design Digest in Dubai

Aludecor launched its Design Digest catalogue, an exhaustive and voluminous Master Shade Card showcasing the widest and most unique Special Series Aluminium Composite Panel products in the industry, in a Channel Partners’ Meet held by the Company at Dubai from 17th to 20th January, 2016. The Design Digest gives insight into the most contemporary and next generation ACPs like Zinc Composite Material (Z-A), Copper Composite Material (C-A), Gold Mirror, One-of-a-kind Sand, 28 Timber finishes, Dual Tone Magik, Embossed category et al.


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