Clean and Green India Captured Brilliantly in Children’s Paintings

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A painting competition for the kids of the members of Aludecor Façade Designers’ Circle was held this year too, on the eve of the Children’s Day. The children were asked to send paintings on the theme, ‘Clean India Green India’, and yet again Aludecor FDC Team was flooded with brilliant entries. To pick 12 winners was tougher than ever, and what stood out was the fact that every child was a winner in his or her own right. However, to adhere to the format of the competition, 12 winners were picked from four different age groups:


Group 1 (0-5 Yrs):

First Prize : Vihaan Shah, son of Mr. Tejas Bipin Shah, Alu finns India Glass Fabricator, Mumbai

Second Prize : Daksh, son of Mr. Kamlesh Sharma, Lotus Assciates, Udaipur

Third Prize : Manvi Sinha, daughter of Mr. Anis Kumar, Anis Creative Point, Patna

Fourth Prize :Averi Yendarkar, daughter of Mr. Bhaskar Ankush Yendarkar, Golden Prime Associate, Mumbai

Group 2 (6-10 Yrs):

First Prize : Akshaya C Raj, daughter of Mr. Jaya Kumar K, Sherbrooke, Cochin

Second Prize : Kushagra Jain, son of Mr. Nikhil Jain, Alpro Industries, Noida

Third Prize : Abhisheka C Raj, son of Mr. Jaya Kumar K, Sherbrooke, Cochin

Fourth Prize :Krishna Kumar, son of Mr. Jignesh Kumar Amratlal Suthar, Akshar Enterprise, Ahmedabad

Group 3 (7-15 Yrs):

First Prize : Ameya Rakesh Morudkar, son of Mr. Rakesh Sakharam Morudkar, RSM Design Solutions, Mumbai

Second Prize :TejasviAnand, son of Mr. Sachin Anand, Surya Design & Display, New Delhi

Third Prize : Shreshti, daughter of Mr. Tej Prakash, Sapphire Décor, Ghaziabad

Group 4 (16-18 Yrs):

First Prize : Naveesh, son of Mr. Tej Prakash, Sapphire Décor, Ghaziabad

Aludecor FDC congratulates each and every participant, and would honour the winners as well as all the participantsthroughout the year, during their respective birthday months on Aludecor Facebook page. So do follow:

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