Component Failure Contributing to Facade Failures

About 58% of facade failure is due to component failure. Components are the first line of defense for a facade being a water-tight structure. 
Each and every component used in a facade has a varying lifespan. It becomes very important for the designer to understand the service life of the components.
The service life of the components (as shown in figure 1) can be checked as defined in BS 7543.
To maintain the attractiveness of facade and maximize its performance, we need to ensure a regular maintenance regime. More and more awareness has to be created in the building owners for realizing the importance of plant maintenance. If all the defects are checked as shown in figure 2 above and repaired, it will reduce the annual expenditure. The figure also shows that it is possible to extend the durability of facade by taking regular care with a scientific approach rather than investing lump sum amounts to tackle unforeseen failures.
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