The Indian façade fabrication industry is growing rapidly. The demand for quality fabrication jobs is soaring every day. To meet this demand, the façade fabrication industry has to completely transform itself into an organized industry. 
Glass Wall Systems of Mumbai, one of the top fabrication firms in India,has taken a smart step by by entering into an equity partnership with Motilal Oswal.. Says Mr. Kamlesh Chaudhari, the Glass Wall Director: “We are a huge country. We have huge requirements.So to meet the rapidly growing requirements we need to turn this industry into an organised one.”Mr. Choudhari believes that the Motilal Oswal partnership is a step towards winning the trust of the investors and ‘bring into picture the people outside the fraternity like the banks etc. to give this industry a broader definition of a big industry in itself.’
According to Mr. Chaudhari, the partnership has given a new dimension to the entire industry wherein all the organized players in the industry, if they go by the rulebook and proper planning, can get equity participation in setting up new factories, larger production bases, glass processing units and so on.Stressing on the fact that with investors on board, growth opportunitydoubles, Mr. Chaudhuri points out, ‘Companies can issue IPOs, nurture a vision and grow to the next level much faster,’ 
The new factory of Glass Wall which is arguably the biggest in India bears testimony to the efficacy of a partnership of the kind. Big factory facilitates larger and better production.Says Mr. Chaudhari: ‘Nowadays we are not encouraging anything to be done at site. Today extremely systematic approach is taken to construct a building. You have Mivan shuttering etc. coming in. Even bolting or anchoring is being avoided to be done at site nowadays. There are cast-in channels (which are like anchor for façade in concrete) which are being put along with the concrete itself; so you are not even puncturing the building when you are installing the façade. These larger factories help to do everything inside the factory.’

Watch the full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXaXGYvz4U0


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