For Aludecor, it is not just about producing Aluminium Composite Panels that are beautiful on the façade. It is about creating beautiful panels that retain their beauty and protect life through years. Aludecor's product finish can ne vouched for its quality and elegance. The secret lies in tour high quality Pvdf/ Lumiflon resin based coating on top of primer coating. This multi-layered technology provides superior resistance to fading ad weathering. At Aludecor, we have been continuously developing new technologies to create ACP for life.

Firewall is a result of such development. Aludecor's Firewall is much more than beautiful ACP because what would a magnificent building be without the protection from disasters? Firewall is Aludecor's new range of fire retardant panels. With the state-of-the-art technology, Aludecor is the pioneer producer of FR grade ACP in India and one of the few dependable manufacturers of the same globally.

Firewall can be used in buildings and spaces where fire ratings are stringent. Airports, railway stations, amusement parks, etc. are perfect examples of projects with strict specifications for safety yet with a need of rich aesthetics. Firewall is the best fit for all such applications. These special FR grade ACPs have received Class B rating according to EN 13501-1 and 2hrs rating of ASTM 119 from tests conducted at EXOVA Labs.

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Product Specifications

Product Type AL 45
Thickness of Panel 4 mm
Thickness of Coil 0.5 mm
Coil Grade AA 3105
Core Mineral Filled Fire Retardant Core (Magnesium Hydroxide)
Width Available 1220 mm
Length Available Up to 6100 mm
Coating Pvdf/ Lumiflon
Coating Thickness 24 – 28 microns