Industry experts laud the new Aludecor launch, Cortina, a 3D-finish ACP

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As a part of its pre-launch market survey, Aludecor presented some real samples of Cortina – the ACP with 3D stripes – to some of the top architects and façade consultants in the country. The response was overwhelming and the industry biggies voted spontaneously in favour of this newest innovation. A whopping majority of 83% of survey participants had high opinions about Cortina. Creative arrangement of highlight, midtones and shadow add a new dimension of depth to the design of the product.

Industry experts believe that Cortina has a wide scope as follows:

  • Shopping mall interiors as a highlighter (within 30 feet from the eye level)
  • Horizontally applied on facades to give an illusion of louvers
  • On the dead wall area
  • Mural
  • Interiors of cafeteria and restaurant
  • Club Houses
  • Pillar highlighters
  • Soffit areas
  • Column areas
  • Director's cabin
  • Double Height Entrance Lobby
  • Corridors
  • Lift area
  • Zones which break from the common area
  • Accent walls
  • Metro stations and public spaces
  • Signage

And a plethora of other applications.

To know more, download Cortina catalogue.

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