Sand Series: Building a Sandcastle That Doesn't Come Apart

Sand - the natural element has always fascinated manby and large.He has seen a leeway in it to creativity and worked on sandcastles to create miniature versions of his dream edifice. This very passion has mothered an inspiration for the architectural fraternity to extract the essence of sand and manifest it in their work.

The designers have seen the long stretches of sand not as a symbol of isolation, but as that of peace; the simplicity in its beauty is brimming with life, and not devoid of it. They have long yearned for its vibrancy and powerful appeal to be a part of the buildings they construct. It’s their way of making a connection with Mother Nature.

Let’s go back to history. An earth-like feeling in man-made constructions was desirable, even in the ancient days. A special mention goes to Roman architecture, which was hugely devoted toward the setup of robust buildings. Remember the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the city of Pompeii?

'Opus caementicium' - the Roman concrete, was a significant contribution to all constructions. Aspecial type of Italian volcanic sand called ‘pozzolana’ went into its making so that the natural beige beauty of the erections remained intact.The strength was invincible and the look matchless.In many ways, the success story of this architectural concept was about a lot of experimentation, brainstorming, and the zeal to come up with new ideas every time.

However, the magnificence of this classical architecture has undergone a transformation in contemporary times. Man has modernised his ways, including his approach towards erecting buildings. Today, the architectural firmament contemplates blending the charm of sandcastles into contemporary designs that are more responsive to modern times.

Aludecor's Sand Series

Aludecor’s Sand Series - the one-of –a-kind Aluminium Composite Panel that mimics the look and texture of sand efficaciously–has brilliantly answered this need of the designer fraternity..With this series, the brand is celebrating innovation in architecture to the utmost. A unique product, the Sand Series has given the designer fraternity an opportunity to re-kindle its relationship with Nature and give shape to stunning building styles.

Sand ACP is an imperishable, functional, robust, and cost-effective solution for building facades. In the truest sense, it lets you build a sandcastle that doesn’t fall apart. The 15 enchanting hues presented by this series are a break with tradition as well. Each carries its own charisma representing sands of myriad colours belonging to different natural topographies.

Aludecor is seeing the world of architecture in a grain of sand. What about you?

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