Value for money is that we seek in the world of today and Aludecor Select does just that. It is superior in quality yet comes at such a reasonable price, that you'll definitely call it your choice!

Aludecor Select is made from a combination of virgin (new) and first grade recycled polyethylene (recycled just once). Special Aluminium Coil of alloy 3105 Series used in manufacturing this range is primarily used for exterior wall claddings only. AL 45 the grade of ACP manufactured in this category comes with coil thickness of 0.5mm on both the sides. The PVDF coating used is of 28 microns and an Adhesive Film of 50-80 microns to ensure the longevity of these panels.

Product Specifications

Product Type AL 45
Thickness of Panel 4 mm
Thickness of Coil 0.5 mm (including coating)
Coil Grade AA 3105
Core Virgin + 1st Grade Recycled LDPE
Width Available 1220 mm (Also Customized for 1000 mm, 1100 mm and 1550 mm)
Length Available Up to 6100 mm
Coating Pvdf/ Lumiflon/ Anodized
Coating Thickness 24 µ - 28 µ