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A pioneer in the world of Aluminium Composite Panels, Aludecor Lamination Private Limited has come a long way since inception in 2004.
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Introduced the first double-coat-double-bake coating line in India
Introduced Copper Composite Panel for the first time in India
Introduced Zinc Composite Panel for the first time in India
Introduced the first and only Sand Finish ACP in the world
Introduced the first 3D finish ACP in India
First Indian brand to develop and manufacture fire retardant A2 core

3d Façade Innovation by Aludecor

At Aludecor, we are always driven by a passion for innovation. Our latest endeavour features mesmerizing 3D Facade installation that breathes a new perspective into your Dream Projects. Fresh and alive, 3D facade installations are the muse of contemporary Architects, Facade Technicians and Interiors Designers. You can opt for these intricately sculpted 3D designs, with Aludecor Systems- a technologically advanced setup that facilitates futuristic Facade. Explore the Future of beautiful Facades today!

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Our Innovative Product Range

Explore our innovative offerings through an array of ACP sheets that come in every shade, texture and style. Our Performance-rich, Feature-rich and Natural Metal Panels are sure to win your heart!

CMD's Message

Dear Industry Stakeholders,

More than a decade ago we decided to take the position of thought leadership in the industry. We have come a long way since then, but are no less eager to keep raising the bar for ourselves. Maybe it’s this eagerness that has been the most instrumental in driving us to set new benchmarks in the industry so consistently.

The most recent achievement by us is the launch of the first and only made-in-India A2 grade fire retardant ACP which has fireproof properties close to metals. We have even gone a step ahead and launched the #BeatTheFire movement to contribute towards improving the fire safety of our buildings.

Owing to high urban density, our cities are going to develop more and more vertically. We are going to have more and more high-rises. Buildings will keep becoming taller. Hence, fire safety should be at the top of the agenda today. We at Aludecor are thus trying to get everyone acknowledge this burning issue of fire safety so that we can do everything within our capacity to improve the scenario.

I am sure you are going to join us too in this ‘Beat the Fire’ movement.

Ashok Kumar Bhaiya

Leading with the Leaders

Range of Products

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    Available in 300+ Shades

    Aludecor offers an array of colours, finishes, designs and textures to adorn the interiors and exteriors of living spaces. Our ACPs reflect the latest trends and colour schemes that are enriched with the essence of the most talked-about architectural influences.

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    Lead-Free Paints

    Aludecor strongly supports the usage of Lead-free paints to coat ACP sheets. This protects you and your family from the harmful effects of carcinogenic Lead paint-related risks such as increased chances of nervous system damage and renal failure.

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    Highest Gloss Retention

    Aludecor uses PVDF resin of Kynar 500/ Heyner 5000 in a 70:30 PVDF and Acrylic Resin ratio. The paint is then applied with the help of the Steel Applicator Roll that works towards perfect coating. This results in a brilliant surface finish and impressive gloss retention.

Passionate about Community Building

Aludecor Cares- the CSR wing of Aludecor thrives on giving back to the society in the most holistic ways possible. We believe in shaping the future of others in order to enrich their experiences in the most humane ways possible. Aludecor also aligns its values with Ecological consciousness to ensure a sustainable future for the generations to come. Spreading joy and happiness means the world to us- because we care.

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