Mr. Niteen Parulekar
Design Principal, Niteen Parulekar Architects Pvt. Ltd
It is refreshing to see so much of innovation happening in Aludecor products. There are several surfaces that have been introduced. I especially like the textured ones and the dual-tone ACPs that changes colour. It works perfectly for both exteriors and interiors. There are so many possibilities with the wood finish, the stone finish and the other natural surfaces. Biomimicry happens in a very innovative fashion in your product.
Mr. Vikas Parthipan
Head of Architecture, DesignQube
My personal experience with the brand will always make me vouch for Aludecor. Starting with the marketing approaches, responding to calls and addressing queries to getting samples, Aludecor has given me no reason to complain at all. The team makes it a point to keep us updated with the latest in the industry, be it pricing or new products. It helps us to understand the market better. Aludecor continues to live up to my expectations and even exceeds it!
Mr. Vivek J Bhole
Principal Architect, Vivek Bhole Architects Pvt Ltd
When I came across Aludecor’s Zinc Composite Material, I immediately started using it instead of pure zinc panels. The self-healing character of ZCM is a big advantage.
Mr. Sanjay Josshi
Principal Architect, Black Ink
Aludecor’s Sand ACP is a marvelous product. I have never seen such a finish on ACP. This is capable of changing the look of the entire building. Aludecor should not bring down the price of its products since quality never comes cheap. Aludecor’s Sand series is going to stand the test of time.
Vijay Chandna
Managing Director, VVT Communications
During the earlier days when I had been researching on the qualities of ACPs, I found Aludecor to be the best company. They are the people who don’t sell their products. They are educating people like us on quality. So I am aware of the durability of the product. Also of the colour consistency which plays a very major role. I get that colour consistency in Aludecor products. Aludecor fulfils its commitments completely. They will give you products with the exact specifications they commit to give. Like if they commit 0.25mm aluminium skin, they will give you 0.25mm only. If they commit 0.5mm, they will give you 0.5mm only. That increases my goodwill in the industry as well. Other companies don’t fulfil their commitments. Also, Aludecor’s after sales service is excellent.
Varghese PV
CEO, Sobha Developers (Glazing and Metal Works)
I haven’t faced any issue with Aludecor. You really delight your customers. I really appreciate that.
Koshy K. Cherian
Managing Partner, Sherbrooke Aluminum Products
One unique thing about Aludecor is that the company constantly brings out new products. I especially like the Sand series. With the kind of innovations Aludecor is going for, I am sure they can sell their products in a niche market. It is the only company I know of which has gone so much into new products.
HariPrasad B M
Director – Design Development, 4D
Aludecor has come out with a lot of new innovative finishes like Sand, Rustic and 3D finishes. We have seen a lot of things happening only with Aludecor. That is the reason why in our recent projects like LKS, Homestop etc we have finalized textured ACP of Aludecor. Even for Shoppers Stop we have proposed Sand Series. Now we are doing Apple stores, for which we are using metallic series from Aludecor.
Sukumar Jeirath
Principal Architect, By Design
Since the very beginning the services and response of Aludecor have been very good and up to the mark. That is what makes us feel confident that things are going to be taken care of. The variety of your products is something any architect will look forward to. Products of other companies don’t quite match the taste of architects in Chandigarh. Most of them look very plasticky or artificial. Also, the service of Aludecor is good. Delivery timelines are met. We are very happy to use Aludecor products and would look forward to using them in times to come as well.
Smit Thakkar
During that time (when the Ozone project in Surat was being built) Aludecor had introduced the sand series – a very beautiful product. All the shades available during the time were dark. Around the same time, the rustic series of Aludecor had been introduced as well. I liked the cream shade in the rustic series. I wanted that cream shade in sand texture. Aludecor customized that sand shade for me within just 40-50 days.