CSR & Sustainability

Green Factory, Green Product


At Aludecor, our consolidated efforts have always been directed towards celebrating the religion, humanity. We arrange day-outs for our employees that involve them, spending time with under privileged children. We are also proud to take the responsibility of providing education for these cherubs. The sheer joy and insights that we share through these activities keep us motivated for days to come. We also pay our tribute and respect to elderly citizens by visiting old age homes to contribute to the welfare of the elderly. Aludecor remains grateful to be able to contribute to the society and the environment through its unique CSR activities.

Aludecor Is Committed To Society With Green Ways

The water discharged during the process of manufacturing Aludecor products contains impurities which are removed by an effluent treatment plant. Only after the water is free of contaminants it is channelized to the Sidcul drainage for further cleaning.

Only recyclable polyethylene is used in the Aludecor manufacturing unit to protect the environment from natural hazards. The other key raw material is aluminium coil which can also be recycled.

Aluminium Composite Panels are painted with lead-free paint because lead is highly toxic and it can infect those who come in contact with it. Long term exposure to lead affects the lungs, kidneys and liver and sometimes the brain and the nervous system. It is definitely carcinogenic and can lead to skin cancer.

Coil Coating is the best environment-friendly method for coating applications on aluminium panels. Aludecor relentlessly works for the betterment of solvent and pigment composition of coatings in partnership with globally renowned paint manufacturers. The durability, sustainability and cleaning potentials of our coatings are constantly enhanced as well.


Aludecor believes in conducting responsible business that is ethical and humane. Being an ecologically conscious company, Aludecor thrives to give back to nature and the environment. Our premium range of ACP sheets vouch for sustainability as we firmly believe to preserve the environment for the future generations. At Aludecor, we take initiatives to prevent deforestation by conducting plantation drives. For each square meters of ACP sold, we make sure to indulge into ethical activities for a greener future.