Manufacturing Unit

Manufacturing Unit

Most Trusted ACP Sheet Manufacturer in India

Aludecor arguably has the best infrastructure in the country. It is the only company in India that manufactures the mineral core required to produce fire retardant ACP sheets, in-house. Aludecor also pioneered the Double Coat Double Bake Line with its own Coil Coating Line in India, which is the best process for coil coating. The Steel Applicator Roll in its Coating Line gives its metallic shades unparalleled brilliant effects. ACPs of Aludecor also have the highest gloss retention owing to the usage of high-quality resins and they are manufactured with high-quality virgin raw materials sourced within the country from the world’s best suppliers like Hindalco, Dupont, PPG etc.

Pre-Treatment Line

We use the best available products for degreasing, deoxidizing and chromatizing the aluminium coil to ensure enduring coating. The coil is made to pass through a series of 8 tanks where step by step it is subjected to Henkel chemicals. This ensures the removal of oil and other impurities.

Double Coat Double Bake Line

The double coat double bake line of Aludecor is India’s first line for aluminium coil coating. It ensures zero elongation cracks on the primer and the paint surfaces, as well as better bonding.

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Lamination Line

Aludecor is India’s only manufacturer which can produce fire rated core in-house along with normal LDPE cores for Aluminium Composite Panels, Zinc Composite Panels and Copper Composite Panels. It is equipped with 5 lamination lines


At Aludecor the end-to-end production facility is fool proof and competes with global standards. The two production units, spread over 25,000 sq m at Haridwar, are equipped with up-to-date technology and testing facilities. The stringent quality control system keeps a sharp eye on each and every unit produced. ‘Aludecor is the only Indian ACP company that produces mineral core for fire retardant materials

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