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3D ACP Sheet Design For Dream Projects

At Aludecor- India’s most talked-about ACP sheet brand, we understand that it is important for you to take a glance at tangible design solutions before committing fully to them. With the recent development of ACP sheet design, it has opened a new horizon for sustainable architecture!

We bring to you, Design Assist, our one of a kind service that generates plausible 3D views of ACP sheet Fabrication for your dream architecture.


Upload technical details and site images from all angles.


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We will get back to you within four to five working days (may vary depending on the detailing of the project).

Tailored For Your Dream Project

We make it easy for you to choose from the best. The 3D ACP sheet designs that we produce are inspired by your requirements and requested/ preferred aesthetics. We create unique front elevation previews by curating splendid hues from our 300+ range of colours. Aludecor’s repertoire consists of the latest on-trend colours, mesmerizing textures and upscale finishes.

Honest Handholding

Aludecor has been adding value to the ACP sheet industry with its expertise in delivering the best. We know that your dream project can settle for nothing but the best. Once you partner with us through the Design Assist programme, we make sure to offer you honest handholding through the whole process of ACP panel fabrication. From the inception to the completion, our experts work closely to guide you with ACP panel installation and fabrication techniques that are most suitable for your project.

Innovative Fabrication Ideas

Team Design Assist brings to your table the latest developments in ACP panel fabrication and façade installation technology. We have pioneered the art of Silicone-free ACP panel installation through our MFR cladding system, amongst other time-tested and easy solutions.

Structural Analysis

We provide you with additional services such as a detail-oriented “Structural Analysis”. An integral part of successful fabrication, we determine the effects of loads ( external forces) on your dream project. By taking into consideration the internal forces, external forces, stability, support reactions, accelerations and a structure’s deformity, we make sure to provide you with the right grade of ACP panels that redefines longevity.

Wind Load Calculation

Our Wind Load Calculation Application, which is embedded on our webpage, promptly calculates the wind force that can impact per square meter of ACP fabricated structure. It is an essential factor that defines the quality of the ACP, which our team of experts would suggest to you for the elevation of your building/structure.

Service Optimization

Part of our usual ritual, Team Design Assist is always ready to customize our Installation and Fabrication Services according to your requirements. We offer you Telephonic Support and On-Site Support so that your dream project becomes synonymous with excellence.

ACP Panels That Outperform Our Ten Years Guarantee Period

Aludecor has set benchmarks in the architectural fraternity with the usage of ethically sourced MCPs. We use the best quality Copper, Aluminium and Zinc to manufacture our MCPs. Besides, we use UV resistant PVDF and Lead-free paints to ensure that the toxins are kept at bay. Starting right from the virgin metal sheets to the resins, the pigments and the adhesives, our Metal Composite Panels have been built to impress. Having the capability to endure, we send our MCPs to you, with a ten years Guarantee, which our ACP panels easily surpasses with their outstanding performance.

Wastage Reduction

Sustainable ideas have always remained to be Aludecor’s favourite motivation. An avid supporter of ethical usages of energy conserves, we support the mindful utilization of resources. Thus, we advise the Ventilated Façade installation to structures which look forward to saving energy and therefore reduce on Electric Bills. Ventilated Facades make thermal insulation all the more comfortable, owing to the chamber that exists between the brick and the composite panel. It causes a reduction in thermal transmission, and minimal external heat enters the building in summer and vice versa in winter. The process helps to save energy inside the building and reduces cooling or heating expenses.