• What is ACP?

    ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panel.

  • What are the various thicknesses in which ACP is available?

    It is available in 4mm, 3mm and 1.5mm. 5mm and 6mm are available on request.

  • What are the various tolerances of ACP?

    The various dimensional tolerances of aluminium composite panels are as follows:

    • Width - +/- 2.0mm
    • Length - +/- 4.0mm
    • Thickness +/- 0.2mm
    • Bow maximum 0.5% of the length/width
    • Squareness maximum 5.0mm.

  • Are aluminium composite panels Fire Resistant?

    Aluminium composite panels are Fire resistant depending on the type of core material being used. Generally Mg(OH)2 is added as a non-combustible material.

  • Which standard is followed in coating of Aluminium Coil for ACP?

    AAMA 2620/2605 is followed. AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Associations.

  • Is ACP scratch proof, especially interiors?

    It has a scratch resistance of up to 4H.

  • Does weathering of paint depend on coil thickness?

    No, the paint weathering has nothing to do with the sub-surface.