Product Handling Guide

Product Handling Guide

1. Material Check

  1. Check the quantity, carried by the vehicle/ transporter at the time of receiving the ACP sheets to tally with order/requirement.

2. Document Review

  1. Check the quantity with the documents, which come along with the consignment. The main relevant documents are transporter's lorry receipt, and ALUDECOR's invoice challan copies.

3. Quality Check – ACP Sheet

  1. Before signing the lorry receipt copy, check the sheets properly. Sign the lorry receipt with appropriate comments, if any sheet/sheets are found:

    1. Totally/partially damaged.
    2. In short quantity.

4. Raise the Concern

  1. If any sheet is received in the aforesaid condition, then immediately let it be known to the concerned officials (zonal sales co-ordinator/ sales executives) of the company.

    1. Check and verify all the documents received from the transporter.

5. Loading – Unloading Procedure

  1. At the time of loading /unloading:

    1. Place the ACP sheets on a plain surface. A rough surface may cause a dent on them.
    2. Do not pull/push or drag sheets from the vehicle.
    3. Lift sheets in small units from both ends.
    4. Always use hand gloves and safety shoes.

6. Segregation & Classification

  1. Do the segregation and classification of materials according to the codes written on the back of the sheets. For that, check the reverse side of ACP and find the product code number as mentioned below: (Picture to be taken of the back view from Original ACP sheets).

7. Labelling

  1. The racks containing the ACP sheets should have proper labels, specifying which rack contains which product.(we will mark the picture with proper labels etc.

8. Stacking

  1. The stack of sheets should be buffered on either side with ply or hard boards / wooden buffers so that the sheets stay fixed during transit. This exercise will ensure that no damage or dent is caused to the sheets.( we will mark the message of the last sentence in the picture).

9. Invoice Preservation

  1. Kindly preserve invoice of the company and all other documents received from the transporter. It will benefit both parties in case of future correspondence pertaining to any consignment related problem.

10. ACP Sheet Handling

  1. The ACP sheets should be kept in a cool and dry place above the ground and away from sun rays. If ACP sheets are exposed to sun rays for extended periods of time, then there remains a chance of glue transfer from the Protective Film of the ACP to the surface of the ACP sheet.

  2. The ACP sheets should only be worked upon a table and the table must be levelled. Aludecor ACP sheets should never be worked upon the ground as it may cause scratches and dents.

  3. Aludecor ACPs must not be cut by shearing.