ACP Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Cleaning is an important step to prolong the shelf life of Aludecor’s premium range of ACPs. Regular cleaning also makes sure that the sheer aesthetics of Aludecor’s ACPs remain intact.

Frequency of Cleaning ACP Sheets

The frequency of cleaning thoroughly depends on the soiling rate and environmental condition of the application area. The frequency of cleaning is specified below:

Building Location

Frequency of Cleaning

Heavily Industrialized Area

2 times per year

Low Rainfall or Coastal Area

Once a year

Urban Area

Once a year

Rural Area

Once per two years

Procedure of Cleaning ACP Sheets

To clean Aludecor ACPs, all you need to do is follow simple steps, which are as below: 

  1. thumnail

    1. Try to clean the accumulated dirt with clear water. 

  2. thumnail

    2. If the dirt remains, use a soft cloth with diluted solution of mild soap and clean water to wipe the dirt away. Use clear water again to reveal a clean surface.

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    3. If the mild soap and clear water solution fail to clean the surface, then use isopropyl solution to clean the ACP sheets. 

Points to Keep in Mind while Cleaning ACP Sheets

To get the optimum results, ACP sheets must be cleaned by keeping in mind, the precautions that are mentioned below: 

  1. Aludecor ACPs must never be cleaned in extreme hot or cold temperatures. If the ACP sheets are cleaned in freezing temperature, then the clear water or diluted mild soap solution will freeze on the surface of the ACP. On the other hand, if the ACP sheets are cleaned in hot temperatures, then it would dry the surface quickly, thus leaving soap/dirt marks. 
  2. MEK or Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Acid based detergents, paint solution based detergents or bleach based detergents  must never be used to clean ACP sheets. 
  3. Always use mild Alkaline solution to clean ACP surfaces and avoid using scouring agents and abrasive substances.