• What is LDPE?

    LDPE stands for Low Density Polyethylene. It is used as a core of Aluminium composite Panels.

  • What is the thickness of paint on Aludecor ACP?

    The thickness of the paint varies with the type of paint used:

    • Polyester: 15-18µ (µ-micron)
    • PVDF: 25-28µ, goes up to 30-35µ when given the third coat
    • SDP: 25-28µ

  • What is the use of ACP in construction?

    ACP as a product is used to enhance the aesthetics of a building. Its purpose is to give a well-defined, smart and a modern look.

  • What are the fire classifications in your product?

    Aludecor has taken EN 13501-1 for flammability and reaction to fire, for resistance to fire on the complete system Aludecor has 2 hours ASTM E119 rating. These ratings are in comparison to BS 476, ASTM E84, NFPA, DIN 4102 etc.

  • What is flexural strength?

    Flexure means bending or bending strength of material. This is again calculated using bending strength formula.

  • What does ASTM stand for?

    ASTM stands for American Society for Testing Material.

  • What is the difference between PVDF and Polyester?

    • PVDF has a better weather resistance.
    • PVDF has a higher flexibility as compared to polyester
    • PVDF paint is of higher quality
    • The durability of PVDF is higher
    • PVDF comes with 10 years warranty