Manufacturing Unit

The manufacturing unit located at Haridwar is powered by the latest technologies to produce world class Aluminium Composite Materials. Aludecor is the first company to introduce Double Coat Double Bake manufacturing line in India which ensures best quality and super consistent coating, leading to long term durability of the Aludecor Panels. Stringent measures are taken to ensure that our quality surpasses the international standards, right from the raw materials to finished products. Our Quality Assurance of the highest order includes conducting tests as per ASTM, AAMA and ECCA standards at our testing facility.

Pre-treatment Line

At the pre-treatment line, the coil is degreased, deoxidised and chromatized. For this the coil is made to pass through a series of 8 tanks where step by step it is subjected to Henkel chemicals. This ensures removal of oil and other impurities, and oxidising prone agents. Chroming ensures better adhesion with the coat and the LDPE.



Coating Line

Aludecor has the best and highly experienced team running the coating line which is the heart of our manufacturing processes. The double coat double bake technology was introduced by Aludecor for coating its Aluminium coils in India for precision and to bring in the global standards of quality products to Indian market.



Lamination Line

Lamination Line at Aludecor is in itself a breakthrough of technology which was developed by its R&D experts to give in customers the unmatched standards for their requirements. The problems of de-lamination and surface deformation is taken very seriously for which the company developed on its own the scrubber unit and IR unit which today gives the highest of peel strength to all its products.


Quality Assurance

Aludecor maintains stringent quality checks in its manufacturing processes so that its products can pass any international standards for Coated and Composite Products. Quality Assurance tests take place online as well as in its fully equipped labs where tests of AAMA and ECCA standards can be conducted.


Melt Flow Index Test

Hydraulic Press test

Colour & Gloss Retention Test

Pencil Hardness Test

UTM Test

Coated Coil being tested for Abrasion Resistance

Coated Coil being compared in Light Box

Coated Coil being tested for Scratch Resistance